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Hello Peeps :D

The time has come to start a new projekt, ProjektZMC

I had my E36 HartgeProjekt for 5 years and decided it was time to move onto something else, I pretty much decided after the SantaPod 2009 show that it was time.

I was looking to sell the E36 and only then start looking for the new car, I was aiming for a low miles S54 version but the prices were up and down like a yo-yo and around £3-6k more compared to the S50 version.

After ALOT of convos and messages with my mate Ram he sent me a message that a car had turned up for sale and being a top chap he is he went to check it out for me.
After checking the car out Ram called me up and said mechanically the car was spot on, FBMWSH, even some of the MOTs were done at BMW. Paintwork wise there was the odd bumpers and scraps being from the heart of London. I wasn't really fussed about the bodywork as I was mainly looking for sorted and low miles engine. Generally speaking the car was spot on for what I was looking for.

The seller was holding out for an extra £500 I think it was, so I told Ram to leave my number with him and if he changes his mind give me a call. 20mins later he calls Ram saying Ad can have the car!

Flashforward -> 1 long ass week later -> Train booked To London -> Seller picks me up -> 2hrs driving around -> Now a Z3 MC Owner :cool:


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Thanks guys :)

1st set of mods - Suspension overhaul

Parts waiting for:
KW Variant 3 Coilovers

All new parts received:
- Full Powerflex kit:
- Front Lower Wishbone Rear Bush x 2
- Front Anti Roll Bar Mounting Bush x2
- Rear Beam Bush x 2
- Rear Trailing Arm Outer Bush x 2
- Rear Trailing Arm Inner Bush x 2
- Rear Anti Roll Bar Mounting Bush x 2

- Tie Rod Ends Left and Right
- Front Top Mounts
- New Rear Bump Stops and Protection Tube
- Front Protection Tube
- Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Links
- Differential Bush, Washer, Nut and Bolt

Other Bits/Parts:
- Hammerite Underbody Seal
- Hammerite Black Paint
- Hammerite Smooth Silver Paint
- Paint brushes

- 10mm Spacers

The car will be going down to Sean @ Iridium Engineering for the following:

- Remove complete rear axle
- Underseal underside of car
- Clean & paint rear axle parts
- Install full Powerflex kit
- Remove existing & refit new suspension inc top mounts
- Renew diff fluid with Royal Purple Max Gear 75w140
- Reconnect brake hydraulics and pressure-bleed with AP Racing PRF600 brake fluid

Also here is my first exterior mod lol


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Picked the car back up from Sean @ Iridium Engineering today after working his magic!

Firstly when I dropped it down to him, I had forgot the locking wheel nut and longer wheel bolts, DOH! Good start! But had to send these down later only to find that I cant find the locking nut so he had to break the locking nuts off to get the wheel off.

Anyway as from my previous post the car had this done:

- Full Powerflex kit fitted
- KW Variant 3 Coilovers fitted
- Stainless Clutch hose upgrade fitted
- Tie Rod Ends Left and Right fitted
- Front Top Mounts fitted
- New Rear Bump Stops and Protection Tube fitted
- Front Protection Tube fitted
- Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Links fitted
- Differential Bush, Washer, Nut and Bolt fitted

Painted Parts:
- Hammerite Underbody Seal
- Diff painted Hammerite Black Paint & Smooth Silver

- Replaced Coolant tank fitted

- 10mm Spacers with longer bolts fitted

Rear end been removed, cleaned, undersealed and reassembled.

Sean has done a cracking job with the lot, had afew issues with the diff mount with a slight crack it in but he welded it up fine. Everything else is spot on.
Car feels alot more planted now, very similar to my E36 when it was lowered. Overall big thanks to Sean for the work :thumb:

Need to get the wheel alightment done but that will have to wait till I get it back from the next overhaul!

Cheers peeps :)

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Got my car back yesterday from Chris @ Imagination Creations. I went down to Chris to show him the car and basically talk through what I wanted to get done and got the car booked in. I dropped the car off to him and the same day had a text message with half the car stripped to bits, chap works fast :D

The car went in to have a full respray as I didn't like Estoril, also fit the Aero kit as I didn't like the OEM M bumper (LMAO!) At the same time I wanted to keep the car OEM looking and not go out all showy.

I wanted to stick with a BMW colour but from the newer M range, I noticed the new M5/6 had a nice deep blue/purple colour. Also a big inspiration was Jun on here (J4K2onE46) His car is one of my fave E46s and looks amazing :)

Chris has done a quality job on the paintwork and has been spot on throughout the whole process with updates, pictures and generally very very helpful. There were a few issues which have now been sorted out and should have CD off him soon with the whole process :)

Order a Custom Cage but had some installation issues as it needed about an inch if I remember correctly taken out from it and Chris managed to get it bolted in incase I needed to remove it (and no it wont be leathered!)
I wanted it polished but due to it being made from some certain metal (Chris can confirm) I couldn't do this, which I am glad now as I think it would of been abit bling and now looking at it blends in nicely with the rest of the car.

Ordered a Hayward & Scott cat-back system which I had to wait awhile for the exhaust to be made as the chap who does the work was away, but once it was done had it sent down to Chris to get it fitted.
I did at first wanted an 4 x 80mm cat back system but was told it would have been too close to the bumper and would need trimming.
There were a few issues with fitment as one side of the exhaust pipes were somehow longer than the other side, around 10mm. Also part of the exhaust was hitting the subframe and needed some work, emailed Ian @ H&S and was happy to have it all sorted out until I was happy. So was sent back to H&S to work on. When it arrived back it was still slightly out but me being a picky git I drove there to make sure the fitment was spot on. Overall great help from and H&S and amazing build quality.

- Painted in BMW Interlagos Blue inc eng bay
- Engine cover painted Interlagos with text skimmed.
- Front Aero bumper and Aero side skirts

- Amber Headlights with HID 4300k Lights fitted
- Amber Rear lights
- Amber Sidelights and indicators

- Custom Cage half-rear bolt-in painted Interlagos Blue

- Hayward and Scott cat-back exhaust system 4 x 76mm
- Rear Diffuser centre section in carbon

- Gominigo numberplate holder from the US (so I can easily remove it for shows/smaller plate on order)

Replaced / Changed Parts:
- Front and Rear window rubbers
- Door handle rubbers
- Wing mirror rubbers
- Rear license plate surround
- S54 Side grill badges
- Painted rear boot handle
- Painted kidney grills
- Petrol cap smoothed
- Stubby aerial

Big thanks for Chris for all the work, so good infact Ive dropped the Mrs car off to him lol

Went to see my mate Ram on the way back from H&S and until I saw his car (Black Widow!) it looked nuts slammed compared to my 4x4 :lol: He was generous enough to get it decked to the floor like his, lol and in the rain aswell but he knew it was worth it when I saw his face on a quick test drive and hearing the exhaust note PMSL thanks alot bro :D

Enough talk, pic time....

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