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It's not very difficult to bypass the Clutch Switch in order to add a Clutch Stop.

As stated in the post, the E46 from 03/2001 incorporated a magnetic sense clutch switch that replaces both, the clutch start interrupt switch and the cruise control interrupt switch. There are four (4) wires that go to the switch on the clutch hydraulic cylinder with the following values.

Connector position 1. Brown/Black = Ground
2. Gray = Cruise Control Interrupt
3. Vio/Yellow = 12 Volts
4. Blue = Clutch/Start Interrupt
or Blue/Brown

To bypass the Clutch/Start function, cut the Blue (or Blue Brown) wire
to the switch and splice it into the 12 Volt Vio/Yellow wire. Do not cut the Vio/Yellow wire. The Blue wire at the switch will not be used.

This way, Cruise Control will still function normally and a Clutch stop can be used at any height.

wire to the switch

Did anyone tried this? Any results?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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