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I have 1/2004 production model and I have the following wires:
  1. Brown with black
  2. Blue with grey or brown hard to tell
  3. Violet with yellow
  4. Blue with black

I am guessing splice the Blue with Black to the Violet with yellow.

Can anyone confirm?

My 2001 325it has the same color combo as your '04. I took the blue with BLACK stripe and connected it to the violet with yellow. Do as the original poster said, by cutting the blue with black wire and splice it to the purple with yellow but DO NOT cut the purple with yellow wire from the small plug. See the picture on this posting to see how the OP did it. I did it today on my wagon and it now starts with the clutch out. The cruise control work as it should and if you push the clutch in while cruise is engaged, the cruise control releases as it should.
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