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Just thought of something off the wall...
What if you just removed the reed switch from the clutch cylinder and attached a small electomagnet to it? This electomagnet could be wired up to the ignition so that it only gets power when the ignition is on. Then you simply put a momentary push button switch inbetween the electromagnet and its power source from the ignition. Then, to start your car, hold the button down and turn the ignition switch.
I understand that if you just attach a permanent magnet to the clutch switch that you would lose your cruise control. But if you had this setup, the clutch switch would just be closed during starting and then it would be open for normal operation. This seems cheaper and a bit easier that replacing the clutch cylinder and making your own harness for it.
...just a thought of mine. this is what i think i will try because the parts can be found cheap at any Radio Shack
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