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.::|Active Autowerkes Stage "TrippinBimmer" 330i ZHP Supercharged Street/Show Car|::.

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.::|Active Autowerkes Stage "TrippinBimmer" 330i ZHP Supercharged Street/Show Car|::.

I am never good with surprises so I will just spill the beans...:shhh: I ordered my AA stage 2.5 kit two weeks ago. The wait is excruciating. Parts of the Kit has arrive and waiting for a few more stuff :excited:

I thought, I would create this thread to document the build.

Also when I get the kit I will have the following items up for sale:

1. aFe Stage 1 Intake Kit - E46 325i/Ci 330i/Ci - Pro5R

This aFe intake fits the following BMWs:
  • 2003-2006 E46 3 series: 325i 325ci 325xi + Wagon & Convertible models with M56 engine
  • 2001-2006 E46 3 series: 330i 330ci 330xi + Convertible
  • 2004-2006 E83 X3: X3 3.0i
2. Stett m54b30 Intake Boot (Black)
3. F1 Autohaus 325i/330i Ceramic-Metallic-Coated Headers
4. M54B30 Stock Throttle Body
5. Drop-In K&N Air Filter for Stock Intake Box.

I am excited :D I would like to Thank Viral and the AA TEAM! :thumbsup:

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No sound on my comp at work, so I can't watch the vid :(

On flat shifts you'll definitely spit some fire. My car used to catch the rear end on fire on high RPM lifts.

Brady, the only person running a blow-through setup on an e46 nonm is NickG. I believe he uses a Ford maf that's been calibrated appropriately.
I didn't know if Anthony could cut into the piping past the BOV and put the MAF in there. Just a thought.
You can't blow through the OEM maf. It isn't designed to handle any sort of oil, plus you'd need a different tune. When you blow through the maf, it would effectively have to measure pressurized air, where as the draw through setup does not.
Question for David, BMWKnight and JoshZHP. When the car is running does your mechanical tensioner moves around? Mines move alittle not sure this is acceptable...

Mine has a little play, but not enough to cause any strange noises.
1 - 3 of 478 Posts
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