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.::|Active Autowerkes Stage "TrippinBimmer" 330i ZHP Supercharged Street/Show Car|::.

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.::|Active Autowerkes Stage "TrippinBimmer" 330i ZHP Supercharged Street/Show Car|::.

I am never good with surprises so I will just spill the beans...:shhh: I ordered my AA stage 2.5 kit two weeks ago. The wait is excruciating. Parts of the Kit has arrive and waiting for a few more stuff :excited:

I thought, I would create this thread to document the build.

Also when I get the kit I will have the following items up for sale:

1. aFe Stage 1 Intake Kit - E46 325i/Ci 330i/Ci - Pro5R

This aFe intake fits the following BMWs:
  • 2003-2006 E46 3 series: 325i 325ci 325xi + Wagon & Convertible models with M56 engine
  • 2001-2006 E46 3 series: 330i 330ci 330xi + Convertible
  • 2004-2006 E83 X3: X3 3.0i
2. Stett m54b30 Intake Boot (Black)
3. F1 Autohaus 325i/330i Ceramic-Metallic-Coated Headers
4. M54B30 Stock Throttle Body
5. Drop-In K&N Air Filter for Stock Intake Box.

I am excited :D I would like to Thank Viral and the AA TEAM! :thumbsup:

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You have too many cars... Let me borrow the NSX.
I'd take the M6.....love those cars.
Meth is only good for 15rwhp?
I realize this is just a general comment, but it's a good point for me to elaborate on.

To continue on from the other thread I started yesterday:

Pump 93 = 93 Octane
E85 = 102 Octane
Methonol = 119 Octane

Auto Ignition Temp (C)
Pump 93 = 280
E85 = 365
Methonol = 470

If E85 is like pump fuel on cocaine, then Meth is speedballing.

Meth is in most cases a better fuel for FI than E85, but it isn't as easy to buy or as cheap.

Meth can be worth a LOT of power when you replace/augment the fueling of an engine consuming pump fuel with meth. The HPF kit is a good example of this, where at a certain RPM/boost threshold, the meth system activates and takes over a large percent of the fuel requirements of the engine. As RPM increases, the flow rate of the meth stays somewhat constant, (It actually decreases slightly as manifold pressure increases) and the ECU adds more pump fuel to meet the fueling demand of the engine. This is why the HPF kits have such a nice torque increase in the midrange on meth, because a major part of the engine's fuel demand is being met by Meth injection, which allows a more timing and has the side effect of lower IATs. Meth is a good thing.

Aftermarket meth kits are disigned primarily to aid in reducing IATs, not to be part of the supply of an engines primary fuel demands. So the gains you can expect to see from adding one of these kits is a lot less than if the meth system is integrated into the primary fueling of the engine as HPF have ingeneously done.

Most engine tuners hate tuning an engine to depend on aftermarket meth injection, as it is not as reliable a fueling solution as "normal" fuel systems, and the effects of even minor failures can be devastating.

So the bottom line is that you can see 100+hp gains from meth injection, but it's usually as part of the primary fueling of an engine.

I don't think +15rwhp with a basic meth kit is unreasonable, but it's certainly not the limit of what is possible with quality components, installation, and tuning.
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I hate to say it, but that BOV is the wrong part for a "draw through" MAF setup. If the sequence was Compressor - BOV - MAF - Engine, then there's be no problem. But as Zak said, you'll now have an engine that thinks a lot more air is being pushed into it than really is the case, and this is going to cause some really rich running at part throttle and upper RPMs.

If you have cats, it will likely kill them fast as well.

Turbos don't suffer as much when configured like this, because mass flow is controlled my manifold pressure/vacuum. With a SC, mass flow is directly proportional to engine speed...which means at 5000 RPM @ light throttle the compressor will be running pushing a ton of air through the BOV.

Ever wonder why the S65 supercharger kits have 2-3 BOVs? It's because of the mass flow that needs to be bypassed at part throttle. They are also tuned completely differently than this kit.

Sorry to deliver the bad news like this....
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He has a ZHP, it already has lock-tite on it. :thumbup:
Loctite versus 3rd order harmonics?

Loctite looses by TKO in first round.
I will be getting an upgrade Oil Pump :D

Good call.

Greg is like Dr.M54
I won the MEGA MILLION Bucks Lotto a few years back.

I finally got a set of custom axles for my 330i...I know how it feels. :rofl:
I just order another -10an 45* fitting from Summit as the Straight and 90* wont work well with my setup.

Nice hardware!

So....what are you doing for oil cooling?
How much do custom axles go for and can you give any specifics ?
Sorry, I missed your question before.

The axles are from DSS, so their standard BMW M3 rate.

The trick is that you have to use Automatic axles, as the Manual ones are a completely different design. The part that makes them "custom" is that the centre bar is a different length than the M3 pieces.

There is another weak link if you are going to really hammer on the car: The diff output flanges. I replaced the E46 pieces with units from a '91 325i. (E30)

I am not sure yet. Still thinking about that one but I just figure what is wrong with my car :( Misfire on cylinder 6. Coil, Spark Plug and Compression is good. So my Injectors CRAPPED out! This has been causing my problem the whole time.

I've got a set of 36 lb/hr injectors at the shop I could have sent to you. (The ones from the Technique Tuning turbo kit)
very interesting will be using those 2 ideas when its time to replace axles.. so output shafts are a perfect fit on our cars assuming you did it with no extra modifications needed..

what is the length of the axles?
Normally I would refer this to PM, as it's Trippinbimmer's thread, but I know he's also interested in this.

You need to start with 100% working cores, so in my case I bought 2 brand new axles and shipped them to DSS.

I can't remember the exact length, DSS informed me of the change they made. The E46 M3 hub sits 23mm futher out, so I think that might be the #?

The main thing was replacing the OEM center bar with one made of 300M. I've got a box full of axle parts...thanks to breaking stuff on the 330i. The Automatic axle is definitely the prefered design to have upgraded....
Adam, let me do more testing on the Injector tomorrow. I also need to find out what lbs injectors Im using. Might upgrade to 42lbs will I am at it. I will let you know :D
This is going to sound really odd, but you are probably best to use whatever injector your tuner already has experience with.

It takes a ton of work to dial in idle and part throttle fueling to make a car run smoothly, and most of this is related to the injector's dynamic response. The dynamic response has very little to do with maximum flow rate...which we all seem to toss around like HP #s.

I would not drive the car to Florida with a faulty injector...or in an unhealthy state. There's no point in trying to tune an unhealthy car.

Maybe the injectors AA uses on the M3 kits would be a good fit?
Edit: Verify the Injector Cyl 6 injectors does not fire :(
Check the connector with a DMM....with the igntion switched on, you should have 12.Xv (battery voltage) from one of the pins.

Also, measure the resistance of the injector across it's 2 terminal pins and compare that to other injectors. (You'll have to unplug the harness completely I think to get to injector #6)

It could be the injector

It could be the connector

It could be the wiring harness

It could be the ECU (Worst case)

Just to be sure, I recommend replacing everything and upgrading to Cosworth ECU, Mil-spec wiring harness, and Bosch Motorsport injectors. :yikes:
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Other important specs that are hard to find:

Injector Dynamic Response Curve

Injector spray cone pattern (Spray pattern: It usually has 1 or 2 "cones")

Injector spray cone angle (Angle or width of spray cone)

Injector spray cone bend angle (Angle of spray cone when compared to the injector body centerline)

Average droplet size measured in microns (Changes with fuel pressure, so it's usually a 2D chart)

Against popular perception, fuel injectors when installed in modern fuel systems don't deliver linear amounts of fuel. Even when they are held wide open, (100% IDC) there is deviation in flow, droplet size, and cone shape from millisecond to millisecond. Better fuel injectors show less deviation from ms to ms.
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I will add what I can to the Tech Post :D Most of this stuff would have to be done with special equipment that i don't have...

I don't know of many people that have access to equipment that will provide that info. I just mentioned it from a technical perspective, not a "must have" perspective.
^ It need some paint Brady to match the S/C :D

Or you could get it coated with Turbo X....but it seams a waste to ditch the swaintec coating and spend $500 on another coating that will do pretty much the same thing.
I know it's a little late....but you could have avoided all that cutting/grinding by re-locating the headlight ballast. I'm in the middle of this myself....and I'm very temped to cut/grind.

So the inlet to the oil catch can comes from the valve cover? Where does the outlet go to?

Looking good though!
If this helps, I'm reading anywhere from 18-22 at the back of the intake manifold. I think you're looking for crankcase though which may differ.

With the OEM system, -18 to -22 is correct at the manifold. It will depend on the efficiency of the cyclone separator what the actual pan vacuum will be with the OEM system connected.

With a catch can connected, you won't have any vacuum from the intake manifold to pull on the crank case. So I would assume crank case pressure would be anywhere from atmospheric on upwards.

With the SC inlet "pulling" on the pan....I don't know what you'd see. Perhaps try hooking up a gauge before the catch can to check it out?
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