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i read around on these forums a lot, never post though heh

i don't know too much about cars, well compared to any of you :)
looking to learn though, heh

well i'll be buying a 2003 m3 soon, and i would like to get a turbo kit from active autowerke for it

the question i have, well there's 2 are:

1) what are your general opinions about a.a ?


2) do you think this
would work on a 03 m3, not sure just because it's not in the list of cars, but neither are a lot of new models from the years i see, and what do you think of that kit

thanks a bunch guys, if you know any online places to read up about parts (other than the obvious, suspension, exhausts, etc) and you could tell me that'd be great

thanks again


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won't work due to different shaped exhaust the E46 M3's compression is too high to run any significant boost. Stick with basic mods, that's about all you can do.
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