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Dear Board Members,

We will be offering special pricing on our E46 M3 SC Kits for the Fall season. Below is detailed information on all of our systems. If you have any questions or concerns please post in this thread or contact me directly.

If you are interested in the special pricing please include the following information.

Vin (last 7)
Trans Type

Generation 6 Level 1 Retail - $8495

Break Down

Generation 6 Level 1 Dyno

Generation 6 Level 2 Retail - $12,000

Break Down

Kit makes roughly 480-520 rwhp on average depending on setup using 91-93 octane.

Here is a dyno chart from one of our E46 M3's with over 120k miles.

Here is a customer's chart

Engine Bay Shots

Custom Manifold

Front End Shots of Level 1

Front End Shots of 1.5 with Bumper Off

Happy Motoring and continue to enjoy your M's in good health!
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