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ac schnitzer

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Here's the front of my car mate, if you want more pics just give us a bell. It speaks for itself, the schnitzer is awesome.


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nice car mate....beautiful..but remember to change the ACS front grill mark to the other side! :yikes:
err...it's just that all ACS cars (from factory) have them on the other side...mine as well:thumbup: But if you prefer to stick it on the right, then it's your call:)
jamesmond said:
Is that AC Schnitzer rear wing? and roof spoiler? the roof spoiler look so tiny...does it gives a significant look?
ain't no roof spoiler mate... :eeps:
The wheels ain't bad but I reckon u'd better take them off...make people think ur car is older like 328 or 323 lol:eek:
btw, is it the rear spoiler from the BMW aero kit?
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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