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ac schnitzer or mvr magnum.....

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i was thinking of putting some wheel on my 330cic, wondering if someone have pics of 330cic with 19" mvr magnum or 18" ac schnitzer type III. which one your guys think would look better on the car. thanks

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Depends what look your going for man, MVR is a cool 5 spoke that looks big because of the spokes going all the way to the edges, then the ACS wheel is a split rim which generally looks smaller(in my opinion)however ACS is a different status....

Have a look at something that is seen less ussual wheels, something that hasnt yet been done or that isnt seen often...:pimpin:
read your post again definetly go with the 19´s the bigger the better....


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Get MVR if you live in a place with no pothole ... I heard that they're easily bent ... do a search ...
If i had to do my car over again... proly go MVRs. They are cheap too.
Personally, I'd go with ACS. Seen one too many cracked MVRs.
David328Ci said:
Personally, I'd go with ACS. Seen one too many cracked MVRs.
WHIP! wrong answer! mvr looks better
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