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AC control unit problems

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I have a e46 323i and the problem I have ran into is that my ac control unit is not functioning. I have no control over my ac/heat all the buttons light up except for the small orange led screen. I can not adjust the ac/heat or defrost. For whatever reason it blows hot air at all time now which I don't think it has anything to really do with the problem but anyways I have bought one of ebay and still didn't work. Connected my buddies ac control unit(works 100% in his car) in my car and the LED screen still didn't light up and still could not adjust anything. I have disconnected my battery and to try to reset it and that has failed also. Any ideas on what it could be, what it is, or how to fix it?
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Its your final stage resistor part number 64 11 6 923 204
I'll have to give it a try I have nothing else to try so why not try the fsr. I had read on that and I considered that but now I will defenitly have to give it a try.
So the led screen doesn't display on your car yet it does on your buddys
Correct does not display in my car but it does in his car
Here is an update. I have replaced the fsr and nothing yet. no changes and im still in the same position.
Here is an update. I have replaced the fsr and nothing yet. no changes and im still in the same position.
I didn't expect the FSR to cause the HVAC control unit to go dead like that. The only thing I can think of is Fuse 28 (5 amps) is blown or missing.
I just pulled fuse 28 on my car as a test and got the same symptoms as you initially described.
I'm just having the same issue now. My CCU buttons light up, but the LCD is blank. No air flows. I saw it was a blown fuse #28, replaced it and the CCU turns on and works. I started the car and turned on the AC like I normally do in normal conditions, and within 5-10 seconds it shuts off and I smell burning from what is possibly the fuse #28 again. Any ideas? Is there a fuse in the white connection behind the CCU?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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