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About to throw my stereo out into the gulf

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Talk about a bad week for stereos....I had previously had a shop here add a JL amp, stealthboxed and a PPI phase adjuster to the car. I then added and Audio control EQL and JL components up front. Sounded good...no probs...then I got a Kenwood Head Unit with Sirius...had then add that...then the problems started. Engine whine.....floor noise....turn on/off thump. You name it. Took it back AGAIN and they added a relay to eliminate the thump and told me the floor noise was something Id have to live with and they couldnt isolate the engine whine.
Last night one of the channels started acting up so I opened the trunk to look and you would not believe the MESS of wires on the left side where my components were. I almost shat myself..plus a ground wire had come loose etc..when I tried to tidy them up.....(the car was running as I was tweaking my phase shifter for image) POP SPARK POP!! One of the remote turn on wires was NOT properly connected and fuses started blowing. I was soo pissed off I yanked everything out and decided t fix it MYSELF!!!!
So far I have eliminated the turn on off thump...buthave MORE engine noise...I am going to keep working on it - HOPEFULLY its not the RCA but a ground. My girlfriend is about to call the shop herself as she knows how pissed I was and AM. But I calmly decided that if I want it done right....do it myself.
So....now I tackled re-wiring...getting rid of the alt whine, then trying to get my FM to get a STATION! (The installer never hooked up the Ant power wire to my knowledge - it looked like he used my Kenwood ANT PWR wire to act as the remote turn on wire. I attached the remote turn on wire to the EXT PWR wire on my Kenwood..now to figure out how to power the BMW ant???
****ty week for my car stereo.
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cls - glad you replied- I was searching for your earlier post on the antenna!
Hmm...it is a Antenna Works (Sound right?) VW type adapter. Now, aren't they supposed to also hook up the ANT PWR wire from the head unit to the remote turn on wire in the stock harness? Which wire would this be? The light blue one?

Thanks for the info. I have tweaked the gains (input and output) on the EQL and it didnt help. Turning the EQ off does LOWER the noise but it is still audible. I was thinking I need to first retweak the input sens on the amp then tweak the EQL?
As far as grounds....the shop just screwed into the little screw holes on the left sides of the trunk where the plastic tray used to be (under that) - but that looks like coated or galvanized metal to me...I was gonna run them all to the battery neg ground, but then read that you need short grounds. Any good idea for WHERE in the trunk I can get a good ground? I noticed they used the stock ground on one component. I was going to remove the grounds for everything except the amp (on the left side of the trunk and the ground runs to the chassis ground next to the battery) and reground them near each component.
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