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OK I am not one for kill stories, but these two a-holes were driving like idiots behind me and then decided to f**k with me. I was tired and just trying to get home from work. The guy in the Audi drove up my ass and then we stopped at a light and the guy in the Matrix (obviously living in a dream world) starts to taunt me. I did not bite at the first light, but we caught another light and this time the Audi pulled up next to me.

The light turned green, and even with the DSC botton on, the Audi was smoked by at least 3 car lengths by the time I hit third gear. As for this said excuse for a sports car called a Matrix, I think he just gave up. I even slowed down to see if they felt like losing again. No takers.

Is it our cars that invite people to act like d**k heads? I could not pass on the opportunity to race.

For all those concerned, it was a two lane, divided highway with few turns. Minimal chance of people getting hurt.
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