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year and body style: 2001 325Ci
setup being rated: Koni FSD w Eibach ProKit
adjustments: none
additional aftermarket components: 19" wheel and tire pkg
additional info: none
preferred ride style: my goal was to lower the car while maintaining the highest level of comfort possible.
would you recommend this setup? yes.
price paid, including installation (if applicable): don't recall. around $1500 installed I believe
ride comfort: 6-7
handling: 8.5

Here's my schpeal: I love the FSD's. They perform as advertised, firm in the corners, soft over the bumps. In conjunction with the ProKit springs, the car dropped about an inch and handles superbly. The ride quality is just OK, definately not as comfortable as the stock sport suspension, but it's not supposed to be. In any event, I think alot of the ride quality issue is due to the wheel and tire package.

Overall impression: I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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