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This forum has decades of collective experience and i want to focus it as best we can in a comprehensive guide of aftermarket suspension setups for the E46. Describe, with the following guidelines, your current or past setups and help make this thread a place where one can learn as much as possible about their suspension options.

requested info:

  • year and body style of car
  • the suspension setup you are reviewing
  • if it is an adjustable setup, mention how it was adjusted and what range of adjustment is possible
  • any additional components on your car that may affect ride quality (aftermarket rims/camber adjustments/strut bars/sway bars/etc.)
  • any additional info about the setup (miles driven/amount of drop/etc.)
  • the ride style you prefer
  • would you recommend this setup?
  • price paid, including installation (if applicable)

based on a 1-10 rating scale, describe the following categories:
  • Ride Comfort
  • Handling

and finally:
  • a paragraph about your experience with this specific setup

i know some guys like their ride extra stiff just like some people enjoy tweeters that happen to make my eardrums bleed :rolleyes: thus, if we can establish what each person prefers it will help explain the reasoning behind their responses, capice?

ok, here we go....

i'll start it off with my review of a stock sport setup.

year and body style: 2005 330i
setup being rated: stock sport suspension
adjustments: N/A
additional aftermarket components: none
additional info: car has about 17,000 miles on it.
preferred ride style: i prefer a ride that feels connected to the road without rattling my imaginary fillings out.
would you recommend this setup? yes, especially compared to a stock non-sport setup. it is a great starting point on an incredibly well rounded car, but it can get better.
price paid, including installation (if applicable): included in purchase price
ride comfort: 7
handling: 7

i used to drive a lexus es300 so when i think of comfort i think of floating over bumps like they don't exist, thus negatively affecting my ride comfort rating. this setup is nice and responsive but i want my car even flatter when i turn hard, with more confidence. a good starting point for sure.

here are some suggestions of setups to rate:

Bilstein Sports and H&R Sport springs
Bilstein Sports and H&R Race springs
H&R Touring Kit
H&R Cup Kit
Koni (don't know specifics...)
coilover kits....

get the idea? make this post popular and let the knowledge rain down!! :thumbsup:

p.s. for continuity and ease or reading, copy and paste my review and fill in your own details!!

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i know tons of you currently run or have run aftermarket setups in the past.

take some time and spill your experiences and it will be tremendously helpful to the rest of us who haven't had the opportunity for hands-on experience!

and yes, i know you can dig and dig and search but there are so many individual posts and differing opinions that it can get cloudy and very confusing. this is meant to be a thread that localizes all responses in one place. not to mention when someone shouts out their recommendation with no basis of judgement it doesn't do much good....kind of like a complete stranger on an infomercial saying that "this product works great!"

i want opinions and the reasoning behind them! help a brother out and help dozens of other brothers in the process. ;)

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I'm assuming by other aftermarket components you meant only for the suspension.
correct, sir...just what may change your experience with that specific suspension setup, regarding specifically the shocks and springs... or coilovers, in your case.

That's two for the Tein SS...i'm surprised there havent been any reviews of some Bilsteins yet....curious what people have to say about them.
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