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Awesome current draw log there. I gotta get a set up like that!

Keep in mind a car battery doesn’t tolerate going dead much. Their capcity drastically goes down with each full discharge.
Thanks. It's just a cheap Tekpower TP4000ZC logging capable multi-meter connected to an old laptop. It saves the log in a CSV file, which I then imported into Excel to get the chart. Biggest downside is it has be connected in series with the battery, so I just have to let the car sit. Thought about getting a clamp meter for it but haven't. I also think the software may not be compatible with newer versions of Windows and the output is via serial port. But luckily I still have my old trusty D830 WinXP laptop loaded with all of the BMW software.

I found the reason why the spikes don't match the previous logs. Ignorance on my part. Back in 2015, I had the sampling rate of the logger set to 10 seconds, yesterday it was twice per second. No wander, haha!

Anyway, yeah, I'm hear you on the battery. I'm hoping that's what it is but since I wasn't using the car this weekend, I decided to hook up the logger.
81 - 82 of 82 Posts