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Anyone know where i can get a good price on a 330i performance package. I'd like an M3 but they are too much for me right now. Maybe next year. I've wanted a BMW for awhile, but ended up getting an A4 about a month ago because of the price...the thing just just doesn't have enough power AT ALL. Aside from that, it's a nicer car. Anyway, if anyone knows of a place please let me know.

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what do you mean by good price on the performance package? only bmw sells it, and only when you order your car. its not like you can order it after you have a 330i. its like a premium package or sport package, you discuss the prices with your dealer...:dunno:

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If the only thing you are unhappy with is the power, then tune it. You can get quite a hp gain from just a chip and a exhaust. A4s are very tuneable, there's so much you can do to it.

About the performance package, I guess you'd have to deal with your local dealers. Same thing as you went through with the Audi...

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thanks for the advice...as for tuning it, i'v already got an APR chip and i was thinking about other stuff. I know that the performance package is a package that comes on the new car. i was wondering if anyone knew any dealers that had any 03's left or of any used one available for a "good price."

ps. in addition to the power i don't like not having overdrive...car revs really high cruising on the highway.

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If your major concern is price...

Have you considered doing ED (Europeand Delivery) on a '04 330i ZHP?

It could save you a fw thousand dollars and you get what you want...

Assuming you have the time (~90 days to pick up once order is placed), don't mind the traveling, and have the flexibility to wait for re-delivery in the states (About 4-6 weeks after drop-off), ED is the way to go!

Here is some useful ED info in case anyone is interested:

Negotiating method that can be applied to any new car purchase.

BMW MY 2004 Wholesale/Retail Pricing:

BMW Dealer Profit over invoice for ED

BMW Financial Services New Car Residual Values – 2004MY

BMW ED Forum

BMW CCA Membership Reward Program:

ED Dealers known to Have ED Experience:
- Joern Esser @ Passport BMW (Marlow Heights, MD)
- Ted Walawender @ Carbone BMW (Utica, NY)
- Dan Commune @ Sun Motor Cars (Mechanicsburg/Harrisburg, PA)
- Rob @ Faulkner BMW (Lancaster, PA)
- Craig Caddell @ Garlyn Shelton BMW (Bryan, TX)
- Lonnie Phillips @ Allison BMW (Mountain View, CA)
- Walter Bruetting @ Brian Harris BMW, (Baton Rouge, LA)
- Dave Parker @ Steven's Creek BMW (SF Bay Area)
- Keith Kinealy @ Cutter Motors BMW (Santa barbara, CA)
- Lori Vee @ Concord BMW (Concord, CA)
- Anatoly Nesherat @ East Bay BMW (Pleasanton, CA)
- Niello BMW (Sacramento, CA)
- Weatherford BMW (Berkeley, CA)
- New Century BMW (Alhambra, CA)
- TATE BMW (Annapolis, MD)
- BMW Of Beaumont (Beaumont, TX)

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