I have a Luk 03059 Clutch Kit which includes Clutch, Pressure Plate, and Throwout Bearing. This is for the 6 speed transmission with a dual mass flywheel. It is brand new. I purchased this when I swapped my 325iT from auto to 6spd manual. I had a bad dual mass flywheel and couldn't get one in prior to a track day so I ordered a single mass flywheel conversion kit that I could get overnighted to make it to the track day. These are $200 on RockAuto.com. Someone that needs to do a clutch job might as well get some use out of it. The pressure plate still has the latch mechanism locking the automatic adjustment on the pressure plate.

If interested/needed, I have a box of additional parts to that might be useful for someone doing an auto to manual swap. master cylinders, an older clutch that still has decent life on it etc....let me know if interested.
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