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Sorry I havent updated here in a while.

Front suspension converted to actual BMW Motorsport GTR front suspension. The only one set outside of BMW Motorsport as far it seems.
More stuff done to cooling, and more carbon.
We won the BMW Cup Class 1 (the fastest) as well as BMW Cup overall victory. This is truly and amazing car :)

Continued where we let off. Victory in race 1,3 and 4. Broke an output shaft during formation lap of race 2, so that was a DNS.

We stuck a GoPro in there for race 3 and 4:

Sorry about it cutting after a few laps, some issue.

Heavy rain in between race 3 and 4, and we (like everyone else) in all our wisdom did not bring wet tyres, because the forecasts said like 0% chance of rain.. oh well, at least everyone had the same problem.

Let me know what you guys think, or ask if there should be any questions :)

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