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Hello all,
First I apologize for my English, but i hope you will understand what my problems are. I own e46 330d touring (years 2002) and i have problems with communication.
I used INPA and DIS to diagnostic my car, everything was ok but six mounth ago I lost communication with all modules. First I thought that my OBD cable was broken, so I bought new one and I reinstall INPA and DIS but I still couldn’t conect to any modules in my car. I checked my OBD cable and my PC in other e46 and it was working ok, so I understand something is wrong with my car.
I was looking any information in all bmw forums and I found something about steering angle sensor. So I disconnected this sensor and WOW! Communication came back but not for all modules. I still can’t communicate with ECU, the rest of modules working fine.
In next step, I checked voltage on pin 7 and 8 in OBD port and:

1. Key in position 1 (with steering angle sensor connected) – no communication with all modules
PIN 7 – 0,4V
PIN 8 – 0,65V

2. Key in position 1 (without steering angle sensor connected) – no communication with ECU, rest of modules working fine
PIN 7 – 0,4V
PIN 8 – 9V (should be 12V, so still something is wrong).

Now, I can communicate with all modules by PIN 8 like ABS, EWS, Instrument cluster etc., but can’t comunicate with ECU by PIN 7. I have only one diagnostic port – OBD2. The car works well, no problem with start and driving, no lights on dash board, power and acceleration ok. Only steering angle sensor, front load sensor and third stop light are not working.
What did I try?
I disconnected Instrument Cluster, Radio, AC, LWS, ABS, Xenon but still nothing.
Anyone can help me ? What should I do next? What should I check yet?
Thanks for any help and once again I’m sorry for my English.
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