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Hi all e46 fanatics! ***x1f642;

I need some friendly advice on what to do with a damage on my much loved 330ci.

Totally ridiculous accident (recovery driver/mechanic ***8216;dropped***8217; my car of his truck whilst unloading... still fuming about it as the reason the car had to be recovered in the first place was a £20 fix voltage regulator which that idiot turned into a way bigger problem!!!) caused the damaged to the rear of my 330 (see attach photos) when the car reversed into a light post.

I am currently waiting for his insurance company to decide whether they will authorize the repair (they have received a quote from a garage/repairer) or whether they***8217;ll write the car off.

Whatever happens I***8217;ll want that car repaired as I really like it (2004 330ci, 6 speed manual, full leather, etc..replaced basically 80% of the car over the last couple of years, including a full body respray last August! ***x1f61e; )

So to the questions:

1) Do you think that based on the damage the insurance company could write it off as Cat S (which would mean I cannot drive it until I repair it and I take it through the required checks/MOT, etc) or should they write it off as Cat N (which I believe it would mean I could still drive it and repair when I can..) ?

2) If the insurer write it off as Cat S and allow me to keep the car then what is the procedure of putting the car back on the road legally (as the car is drivable now anyway)? VIC check

3) In terms of the repair - the bonnet lid and the bumper are very easy to replace but has anyone dealt with a similar damage on the body panel above the bumper - any advices on how to straighten that (I was thinking that the easiest way would be to cut and bend the inside panel of that skin which would give me access to hammer it gently from inside out) and then bend back and weld? Body fill minor dents then and paint...?

Thanks in advance ***x1f642;



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Can't answer your UK specific questions (MOT and insurance actions), but if they write it off, I think the fix is relatively easy. I'd find a salvage yard that has a rear bumper, boot lid, and good boot frame. But the boot lid and bumper. Convince them to cut out enough of the sheet metal that you can get someone to cut out the same piece of your boot frame and weld it in. While body shops in the states tend not to do this work much anymore, I don't know what it's like in the UK. I know I could find someone here with the skills. That assumes the damage does not go beyond what we can see (probably not give the nature of the accident).

If that happened to me, I probably wouldn't hesitate to drive it as is until I could get it fixed.
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