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Is there a link or reference that tells you what the "Factory" sizes are... (i.e. 5x120, offset, Hub size, 18x10, etc..) I ask... because much like the OP, I too want to swap out my factory 17" Sport Wheels for a set of Silver Style 42 in 18's... but I dont want anything wild... I simply just want to stay with the standard size 18" wheels just in the Style 42 model. I am also trying to research and better understand the terminology on "Square" vs "Stagger" wheel configuration as well. Currently the car has on the Front: 225 45z/R17 .....and on the Rear: 245 40z/R17, which I believe is considered a staggard configuration, but I'm not a 100%. I love the way the car handles and I would want to keep the same size wheels if I can, just on 18's..

The car is a 2001 330cic... Thoughts.. Thank you
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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