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awesome DIY...i'll be doing this project this coming weekend.

can you explain bleeding the master cylinder unit itself with a little more detail? i'm a bit confused on what you mean.

Bleeding Master Cylinder: For some reason I thought when I put on the new master cylinder that bleeding the system would flush out any air. I did not hook up the bleed connections and tubes. After running (3) litres of DOT 4 brake fluid through and still having a soggy brake pedal I had to hook up the bleeder lines while the master cylinder was on the car. A lot of air came out of the master cylinder and then after another full litre the pedal felt great and the system was ready to go. Pic of the bleeding connectors and lines below.

also what method did you use to drain out the resorvoir? and is that the only thing you had to drain to start the project?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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