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My 325i M54 stationwagon (Euro-spec) is having serious computer issues (Idle control is almost non-existent, Cruise control is not working, unbelievable throttle delay, engine revving-up when shifting gears, even with foot off the throttle, as well as other fuel-tank related problems: unrelated to the ECU, i know. )

So at this point it's fairly obvious that the ECU needs to be reflashed.

I've been looking at the Shark Injector, but they say that it only works with US-spec cars, so I chucked that idea out
Now i need to find an ECU-remap that will be compatible with the Euro-spec car, but i would also like a performance increase similar to that of the Shark (increased rev-limiter etc), so a stock remap from BMW is also out.

Any advice? Thanks in advance
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