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325ci full body conversion to M3 e46

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radicalbrad707 said:
what a bunch of petty snivelin biches. The car is very nice. dont listen to these punkass smart mouths. These are the kind of guys that have to talk shiit because god gave em little dicks. Now they have to make themselves feel better cuz they cant get there biches to stop cheatin on em. Enhance your calm little guys.just cuz ya got an m3 dosnt meen she will still want to be with ya after she sees how small yer dik is.
This car looks better than anyones stock non m 3 series bmw. All you punk biches with anything but an m3 ota shut the fuk up. Its better than yours. Now they will try to make themselves feel better by talkin sht about my spellin but in the end if your chick saw how big mine is compared to you shee would leave you in a flash a drive around in my 325 m3 conversion with a big smile.not to mention that I would like to see any of ya talk smak to my face. Because you wouldnt want to do it a second time. OK , Talk yer sht now dikless punks.
Dude, you are so friggin' right. I found your 325 - M3 conversion, so many chicks in it...

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Yet again, I must re-use my first post :facepalm:
I believe it would have been cheaper to buy a REAL M3 than spend all the money on a clone? I don't understand when people do this. I hope the unaware buyer is happy with a clone, especially when they get spanked by jetta or a real M3. Whatever floats your boat....

pretty funny!
M3 conversion looks good on the E46 body. In my oppiinion allo E46s should be Ms....

But when you do the conversion, go all the way and buy the M3 interior as well. Standard non-sport seats are sheit. And the M54 engine is bound to be a 2,2 liter, in other words, slow.

Supercharger kit on there will help.

Also he's got a bad powersteering pump, notice the whine during revs...
I wish I had a hidden cassette player in my car!:rofl:

That being said - I think he did a great job.
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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