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323i Touring (Selena)

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Hey Guys! Here's my E46 323i Wagon (2000)! She's been in the family since around 2003 with 49,000 miles on the ODO when my parents purchased it for $19,000USD. It has been sitting since 2014, drove probably couple times in 2016. But it's been sitting for quite a bit. (This is an issue when your dad has 7 cars in the driveway). I'm beyond thrilled that it has been passed down to me. I grew up in the back seat. I always loved the E46 chassis, but specifically the touring. Currently has 119,200 miles. Everything is original. There's quite a bit of work that needs to be done. Already dumped 1,500 miles since late August. I will be putting her in storage for winter, living in Upstate New York is brutal on vehicles during Winter. Anyway here is the current projects and future project!

Some Info:
Paint is quite rough, there is a couple dent's on the roof from an outside garage collapsing on it one winter, pretty deep scratches around the rear and front.

Current Repair List:
- Replace Brake Light Switch
- Replace Struts/Springs
- Fluid Flush on Everything

Completed Repairs:
- Change Front Right Corner Light Socket (it got corroded)
  • Change Wiper Blades haven't been changed since actually not sure
  • Radio not turning on (fuse behind radio was blown)

Future Plans:
- Double Din Radio
  • Remove Roof Rack
  • Bit of bodywork to do, might need a good paint correction and some spots resprayed, including some surface rust to deal with.
  • Give the interior a good clean, including leather seats.
  • Change Corner Lenses, Side Markers, Rear Tail Lights to Euro Spec
  • E46 Sport Steering Wheel, Current looks outdated.
  • New set of wheels, current ones are a bit curbed rashed, and I never really them.
  • replace front bumper with MTech 1 or 2 Front Bumper.
  • Coilovers

Onto Images;
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On other news:
Sound clip with my current setup Borla Catback + Racing Dynamic Headers. Quite a tasteful setup, and great to daily tbh.

Hey man! I have catless and I want to put the Borla on too. How are you liking it? And how loud it is?
Honestly, I love it! If you are at 6k RPM in a tunnel or near a concrete barrier it's a bit loud, but its not ear deafening loud. When you are daily driving or idling, its actually very quiet. It's definitely worth it. It's just loud enough to not piss off your neighbors. There minimal to zero drone as-well.
Thanks for the reply!
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Today's Project?

Cleaning the Borla Exhaust Tips. (They were absolutely caked with carbon deposits).

After - Before
View attachment 935978

Beyond happy with how this turned out!

View attachment 935979
How did you clean them?
I sold my GruppeM Intake, and replace it with a INJEN Short Ram CAI. The reason I am selling the GruppeM Intake is because well.. filter replacement cost is absolutely absurd. with that said, what's my first thoughts of the INJEN? Well, it is much better design then the K&N CAI, I had before. I do like the top metal plate too, nice touch!

View attachment 941418
How's it sound?
replaced my original halogen license plate bulbs (passenger side one burned out) w/ LED ones.
I just did something similar with my car recently, it really made the car look better.
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My plan is 2-1 3" all the way back paired with a Vibrant Ultra Quiet Resonator, and Vibrant StreetPower Muffler w/ DTM Tips. (2 V-Bands as-well for easy removal). Beyond excited to see how it turns out and sounds (I'll put sound clips once its done). It's going to be a pretty rowdy setup!
Can't wait to hear this setup!
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