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Below is a link to a youtube video of that car running. It is a 2000 323 with approx 155k miles. Unsure of car's history. Just replaced radiator and front camp position sensor.


It has a rough idle, rich smelling exhaust, seems to be eating oil, and there is a serious of noises:

-whirring sound, most prevalent in video
-some sort of ticking
-occasionally a thwapping sort of sound.

This was a sudden onset condition that rapidly developed over the course of 48 hours. I would discuss the presence of a check engine light...if the previous owner had not pulled it out. I have access to an obd code reader and am not confident in its ability to help.

Some theories include:

-bearings (of various kinds)
-belt tensioners
-could be second cam position sensor (?)
-and the newest is vacuum issues.

The idle has a vibration and the exhaust almost sounds pulsating.

Any advice on how to track this issue down is much appreciated.

Thank you,

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when did you change the sparkplugs?
have the code read cuz I am suspecting some misfires.
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