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Hey everyone. I'm new here, and I really need help. I just got a 2003 320i, and i need help with a bunch of stuff. on every website that i go on to buy parts, they have stuff for the e46 but don't have the specific option of the 320i. Would rear coils from a 325iT fit on it? I'm having so much trouble and I'm starting to get a little pissed.. Please help? Anyone? The main problem that I'm having is that the only sites that specify whether the parts fit on a 320i don't exactly ship to canada, which is where i live. If anyone could tell me about the compatibility of parts from other cars with the 320i for these things:

Rear coils
Front struts
Front lower control arms
front stabilizer links

And does anyone know if the rear coils being broken would cause clunking over small bumps? Thanks a lot for any help I really appreciate it. By the way, it isn't lowered, so it shouldn't look like this...

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