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I removed my swirl flaps and cleaned out my intake manifold yesterday (thread @bimmerforums - http://www.bimmerforums.co.uk/forum...-removal-intake-cleaning-t277393/#post1838737), and after putting everything back together the car started beautifully. Before it sometimes seemed to struggle, but now it feels like it starts almost before you turn the key! Also the car seems to be running "cleaner", this could be placebo but it definitely just feels and sounds fresher.

The only downside is that I seem to be noticing a slight reduction in torque/power. The car used to pull hard in 2nd when the turbo spooled, now it pulls fairly hard but I feel like its not quite as quick as it was. Could this be the engine "bedding in" to the newly refreshed intake tracts, and is full power likely to return soon? Also I read that if you leave the battery unplugged for half an hour or so it will reset the ECU's driving preference settings, I had the battery unplugged for a couple of hours start to finish so could it be the ECU re-learning how to put full power down? Or is there anything I may have done incorrectly when doing the swirl flap removal which could result in a small loss of peak power?

Any advice or experience in these matters would be appreciated :bow:_a_
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