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Hey, anyone know if the sump on a 4cyl 2.0L N42 be changed without dropping the subframe? Spaghetti coder/TIS online suggests not but space looks tight to me, anyone actually done this on this engine? http://tis.spaghetticoder.org/s/view.pl?1/07/09/79

I have a rounded sump plug IN the sump, it won't come out! The last threads on the nut must be rounded, it's dripping oil slowly :eek:

After battling with it for a few hours I'm contemplating to change the sump. I don't think drilling and tapping is an option, the hole is really badly messed up, and not sure theres enough steel around the hole to take an m14 bolt (I have an m13 repair kit but doubt it'd make a good repair if I drill the old nut out). Im also thinking to change the sump gasket, it's 10 years and 100k miles.

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