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hey gary or anybody...

i need a new set of tires and im pretty set on those GS-D3s. im coming from the yoko evs100s so im looking for less noise and good grip. question is, i want a little more aggressive look in the rear. tire rack says i can go up to 245/40 in the rear, but im thinking it might be too much, or being that the rim is too narrow for that size and it might be dangerous, unless someone else can confirm. the stock 330i's come with that size tire but i think the M68 wheel is a little wider as i only have stock 44s.

so i guess im looking at the 235 size but im wondering if 235/45 is too tall and so shoud i go with 235/40? im putting coils in the car but only dropping it by like half-inch (not into the lowered-lowered look anymore) but since my shocks feels likes it crapping out on me, i might as well splurge a bit on suspension. but back to tires..does anyone have any feedback or recommendation on this size tire for my 325i? i will probably be using 10mm spacers all around too to compensate for my coils...

will ride quality be affect much by going with a shorter tire?
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