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hi guys,
looking for a little help on the tires.
i wanna feel a bit more road on my 330ci, but don't really wanna spend money on new rims. i think i have the type 43s, all 4 with 205/50/17 tires on them. i'm trying to find out what else i can put on this 17 to make it a bit more sporty. maybe 225/45/17? i'm not really sure. and what brand/model tires should i get?

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More road feel requires either a firmer suspension, or tires with a smaller/firmer side wall. The 225/45's have the same side wall depth as the 205/50's, so you probably won't notice much difference except that the wider tires will probably tramline more than the stock tires (which I guess is more road feel, not necessarily in a good way though).

Upgrade to 18" wheels in my opinion, or invest in some suspension mods.
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