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I miss that car sometimes. It was a '94 DX base model coupe with the D15B7 engine and manual transmission. No power steering or A/C and had manual windows.

I replaced all the suspension bushings with polyurethane, lowered it and installed a short shifter. It was a fun handling car but really slow with only 100ish horsepower. I drove it all over the country and it didn't need much more than oil, gas, and brake pads. Replacement parts were plentiful and cheap.

I sold it with around 170k miles after I got my first E46. It was still mechanically solid but had rust issues in all the usual honda places.

I search craigslist and ebay every once in a while and this generation Civic basically doesn't exist anymore. They've all rusted into the ground or are completely beat to hell. Hatchbacks come up on BAT once in a while but I've only seen one or two coupes.

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You kept the red theme, nice! Your story is somewhat similar to mine, I had that Civic before I got my E46 coupe, only hatchback, with D15b2 engine, which I swapped a VTEC head on :D and it was an absolute blast. This is easily the best "slow" car I can think of, with only 150ish hp from that tiny engine, not that bad. I still keep it, rusting away in my driveway, every once in a while I drive it and when going back to it after driving the beemer I feel what not having M54 torque is like :) Funny thing for me, when I got the E46 it didn't feel that much faster ... since acceleration is smooth and hardly has any drama to it, but the speedo and tacho tell a different story, as the needles move quite swiftly to the right 🌌. I love the smooth power delivery of the straight 6.
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