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2003 // 325i // 5Sp. Manual // 230K Miles
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2003 325i 5-speed manual with 233,000 miles (instrument cluster was getting repaired in CA by a forum member: to whom I'm very grateful!). My entry is an attempt to show the reality of the car: lots of fun, maddening at times, yet the overall lesson is that nothing is insurmountable with hard work and the help of others.

The cluster stopped working in November 2019. Some functions worked, and I've driven it without night illumination for three years.

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I was given the car by a friend in November 2018 when it had 167,000 miles. He told me, "if you fly out to Connecticut, you can have the car for $1." The car has had positives and negatives. But overall - a net positive. Without the information and knowledge sharing of this forum, and the generous video documentation of DIYers on youtube, I would have given up within the first year. I won't list everything I've done. But I just replaced the oil pan gasket, which was the biggest DIY I had ever done. So, I'm learning and gaining experience. Which I appreciate.
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The car is based in Central Illinois. I've driven it multiple times to Nashville, to Southern Louisiana in 2019, back to CT in 2021, to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina in 2021, and all over the Midwest.

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My goal is to keep it stock, with the original engine, and to make it to the 400 Club. I love these cars.


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