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Dazzle me

Rules for 2022
  1. Members participating MUST HAVE at least 20 posts.
  2. Unless otherwise specified for the month, you can submit up to 5 pics.
  3. Keep the banter to a minimum. The thread should remain on topic for my sanity.
Voting will take place the last week of the month. Winners will receive a free year of premium membership, an album in the E46 of the Month gallery and featured on the homepage until a new contest starts. Ideas for future themes should be sent to me via PM.

Congrats to July's E46 of the month winner, @Darkstar5379!
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

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Possibly another idea for a future ROTM/I'm totally not just racking up my post count so I can participate by the end of the month while also submitting ideas for photos I wanna take.

Four & Two: Post a pic of your e46(Four) with your motorcycle(Two).

Logistics of getting both to a good location for a great photo might be difficult. But also would be interesting to see, especially the european bikes. Bmw with a Bmw, American Iron and German Enginnering, classic bikes with soon to be classic cars, ect. ect.
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