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2012 BMW F30 3 Series Sedan goes into production

The 2012 BMW F30 3 Series Sedan has taken the next step in getting into our hands. Just weeks after the official press release and world launch BMW's Munich factory is kicking into high gear turning out the all new 3 series.

To product the all new 3 series BMW has invested half a billion dollars into their oldest factory inside the city limits of Munich and right next to their corporate headquarters and the BMW Welt.

“The BMW 3 Series is the most important volume-produced model from the BMW Group as well as the biggest-selling model in the entire premium segment. To ensure that the sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series likewise leaves the factory in flawless quality, we have invested around 500 million euros in our Munich home plant. And that means safeguarding 9,000 workplaces,” said Frank-Peter Arndt, Member of the BMW AG Board of Management responsible for production.

The production launch of the sixth-generation BMW 3 Series marks the start of a new era at the Munich home plant. The investments have flowed, among other areas, into innovative production equipment and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. They form part of a long-term strategy aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of the Munich plant and the 9,000 workers.

Thanks to the standardized manufacturing processes and efficient production systems, the ramp-up at the Munich plant will be very short. Just three months after the start of production of the BMW 3 Series Sedan, peak output of 680 units a day will be achieved. Total output at the plant will then exceed 900 vehicles per day.
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