1. 2006 M3
  2. WBSBL93496PN65214
  3. 86K Miles
  4. Xenons, power seats w/ lumbar, sunroof, Harmon Kardon
  5. 1st owner 2006-2015, I purchased from second owner in September 2022
  6. I have maintenance records going back to 2015. Car just had full inspection 2 with valve adjustment performed at the Herb Chambers BMW. Rod bearings serviced by Wile Motorsport with WPC treated Genuine BMW bearings and ARP bolts at 84k miles. Recently coolant system overhaul with all genuine parts. All fluids are fresh Motul or OEM. I have printed receipts for everything.
  7. Located in Boston, MA, 02210
  8. I am willing to ship. Would request the buyer get a PPI beforehand if buying sight unseen.
  9. $22,500