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Hey guys, I'm located in Los Angeles and I'm selling my 2005 M3 with SMG transmission, clean title in hand with 168k miles. OEM F82 M4 18" wheels. One of the most sought after color combos, Alpine White with Cinnamon interior. Hate to sell it because it was so hard to find this color combo but hope one of you guys will enjoy it as much as I did.

I bought the car at 110,000 miles on it about 7 years ago. As of today, it has 168k miles.


All of the work done on my car was done by KAIV in San Diego, I'm sure you guys are familiar with him. He's one of the best in socal. Here's the work that he did on my car:

***8226;Installed KW v2 coilovers
***8226;Subframe structural foam reinforcement. Prior to having this done, no damage found on subframe.
***8226;Full beisan vanos kit
***8226;Engine mounts
***8226;Fuel filter
***8226;Competition package rotors
***8226;Steering rack, tie rods
***8226;Spark plugs and coils
***8226;SMG CSL flash software
***8226;Diff mounts
***8226;Subframe mounts
***8226;Water pump and thermostat were just replaced 5,000 miles ago
***8226;New tires only have about 400 miles on them
***8226;Valve adjustment was done 6 years ago so might be time for another adjustment
***8226;Wheel alignment done 2 years ago
***8226;Sirius XM ready

Now for the issues. It doesn't happen all the time, but there's a lag when upshifting from time to time. I haven't had it diagnosed so not sure what the issue is. I find that when it won't shift to the next gear, I have to lay off the pedal a little bit and wait for a couple seconds then manually shift to the next gear. Check engine light is on because of a P0441 code which is an EVAP code. Usually this is fixed by getting a new gas cap, which I did, but it didn't fix the issue. I was told it's not something I should worry about but you'll have to get it diagnosed if you want that light to be off. The usual M3 clunk sound is heard from time to time. Read extensively on it and seems to be something that everybody just puts up with. There's some peeling on the inner door grab handle. Paint chips on the hood and front bumper. Pretty bad scratches on left front bumper as you can see in the picture. The front bumper is not in the best shape and doesn't align perfectly. Trunk has a mark on it, not sure if it will buff out. Peeling on the steering wheel trim. I actually have a brand new wheel trim that I never installed, will have to look for it. Please remind me about it. The bracket on the driver side corner light is broken so I have it super glued on. OEM Harmon Kardon sound system speakers in bad condition, not sure which speaker (speakers) is/are blown but needs to be replaced.


Text 310-489-6104
Please send me a private message here as well.

(I'm in the Los Angeles area. Local pick up only)


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