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Hey folks, excellent forum here, hope someone can help me out.

I've done a bunch of searching but am still unsure:

Can I swap my existing DSC unit 3451 6764088 controller/3451 6763959 pump with a used 3451 6765454 controller/3451 6765452 pump?
The auto wrecker says it's from a '04 325i Auto with DSC and it cross references to my '05 330ci Auto with DSC.
I searched hi and lo and tried RealOEM but did not find a definitive answer.
Some folks say that you have to swap with exactly the same part numbers.
I plan on swapping only the controller.
There may be some incompatibility issue with run flat detection but I dunno.

I have NCS Expert to recode, just gotta learn how to use it..


Al S

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