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2004 BMW 5-series | 2003 MB E-class

  • 2004 BMW 5-series

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  • 2003 MB E-Class

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wait until the reviews comparing the e-class and the new 5 come out....it will be the same old song and dance...

"....e-class is great looking, great design, great everything, but is junk compared to the new 5 series which sons it in every category except the old fart category in which the Mercedes wins by a landslide."

I think I've read this in almost evey M-B/BMW comparison since I was 2yrs. old.

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based on looks (and from spy pics)
i would get the e class.

if based on driving/sportiness.... probably the 5 series.
the 5 series just look butt ugly.

they couldve slapped a saturn badge on it and noone wouldve noticed

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i drove the e-class. Handles like a boat. Way to big, soft and floaty. A great car for my mom!

I'll take the 5 anyday
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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