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Here's what I did.

I bought some adapter rings from ebay and they allow most 6" or 6.5" drivers to fit in the doors. I used JBL splits for the doors so I could put the high drivers up in the top of the doors where the factory items lived.
Pic 1 shows the drivers on the rings in the door.
Pic 4 shows the rings.

The rears are a bit more difficult - the rings don't work here. I ended up glueing the speakers into the factory pods. This seals them through to the boot space.
Pic 2 shows a driver all gluey ready to put on the pod.
Pic 3 shows the pods ready to drop back in. The glue eventually sets clear and looks a bit better.

The sound is a clear improvement on OEM but I've heard these drivers sounding better. I've got a 4 x 150 RMS amplifier to try and get further improvement.

I hope this helps.


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