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Hi Everyone,

I'm a relatively new BMW owner (less than a year), with an odd set of electrical problems that recently happened to my 2004 330ci Convertible. I've read other threads, but haven't seen a solution or this exact mix of problems. Here's what's not working:
  • Convertible top switch doesn't work (top doesn't move)
  • Seat heater switches won't work (in same panel as vert top switches)
  • DSC switch doesn't work (also in same panel)
  • Stereo (radio or CD player) doesn't power on (but Navigation and on-board computer work fine)
  • Back-up warning system does not work
  • Cruise control dash light stays on
  • Seatbelt dash light stays on (flashing)
  • None of the steering wheel controls work
  • Brake lights stay on all the time

Prior to all this happening, the battery started dying on me, and I had to jump it each time I drove it. Then I began disconnecting the negative battery terminal each night, and reconnecting it in the morning, so that I didn't have to jump it. That worked great (and ruled out a battery problem). All the sudden, that battery began holding a charge overnight and I didn't have to disconnect the terminal anymore, but these electrical issues happened all at once.

I read on some other posts that this might be a K-bus issue? However, those posts had the additional symptoms of the turn signals not clicking/indicating on the dash (mine works fine) and the keyless entry and interior lock buttons not working (mine both work).

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm a medical student on a budget and would love to find the fix to this without donating my life savings (ok, student loans) to the BMW dealer.

Thank you!
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