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So I just searched a few pages on the forums here, and I can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for.

TO start I drive a 2004 325xi (black on black)

What I want to do is replace my current halogen housings with projector housings.

I've found a bunch of different assemblies. None of which I actually "trust".

What I'm looking for is a black set of housings. They need to have a good lens in them, and I'd prefer to have LED angle eyes, as I'm told they are a lot brighter, as well as look better.

My plan was to get black projector housings with LED angel eyes, and 8K HID's.

The HID's I would be getting another time, as money is a crunch for me. But those I'd like a link to, if anyone knows of a good company.

I see prices for $35 kits.. and also $400 kits.

I know the more I spend the better the quality in most cases, but does anything have a good suggestion?
(55watt kits)

Also, I don't want any of the p46 assemblies as they aren't good enough for my standards. I need to see the road, and the P46's just aren't good enough for me. (A friend haD them and I disliked them.)

Thanks so much in advance for the help.
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