1. 2004 BMW 325I Touring
  2. WBAEN33464EZ15593
  3. Chassis Mileage 119,500
  4. 3.0L I6 F DOHC 24V (2005, 162,xxx miles), 6 SPD Manual Trans (2005, 162,xxx miles), Factory Premium Package (Upgraded to Sport)
  5. 2nd Owner from July 2019/97k miles . Originally a Houston, TX now in NOLA.
  6. Carfax w/maintenance history from original purchase in 2019. FCP Euro parts receipts/maintenance excel spreadsheet available from 2019-2022 upon request
  7. Garaged in 70123, New Orleans, LA
  8. Shipping available
  9. MMS Price: $30,000
Build log here: Easter Touring B30+ZF Manual+M3 Rear End Swap
OEM + Build
Eibach SportLine Springs + Bilstein HD
5x Staggered Style 68s with fresh Michelin Pilot Sport 3
330i front brakes, M3 rear end
B30 with Beisan Vanos rebuild, GAS Disa, VDO Maf, Rear Main Seal, Oil Pan Gasket, VCG, OFHG, CCV, Spark Plugs, Oil Pump Safety Wire, Tensioner
Complete cooling refresh (Upper/Lower Hoses, Radiator, Expansion Tank, Thermostat, Pump, Hard Coolant Lines, OEM Coolant, temp sensor)
Mtech 2 Bumper, Air Guide, Brake Ducts
M Sport Steering Wheel, Sport Seats
UUC DSSR + Short Shifter, LUK Clutch
New OEM Motor/Trans Mounts + CSB
Poly Subframe/Diff Mounts, OEM M3 RTAB
Rear Subframe reinforced (welded plates, no cracks, preventative)
1.25" Trailer Hitch (for bike racks only)
15/15/5% Ceramic window tint (A/B/C+Rear Winshield)
AEG Angel Eyes, Euro Side Markers/Taillights
Eonon Android Touchscreen radio with OEM HK amp, wireless AA/Carplay (OEM radio available)

Wheel Car Tire Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light