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Everything works well in all conditions , when suddenly as I was going up a hill I lost all power, accelerator pedal fully depressed and no response. I went around again and went up the same hill , everything was fine. In the morning when I started up the engine, blue smoke blew out the exhaust, after about 30 seconds of driving the blue smoke stopped, everything is fine and no problems at all.Then I stopped and the engine ran on idle rpm for about 10-15 minutes and the blue smoke blew out the exhaust again.

2 days later , got the car serviced in a BMW Garage and replaced the air filter and breather filter.The blue smoke problem has been fixed. The other problem seem to have been resolved until it happened again while going 100km/h on level road and the same loss of power happened for a small amount of time.

Any suggestions? I need this fixed urgently as it could be dangerous when overtaking other drivers. Servicing said there was no problem regarding the engine, but I am still unsure.Thank you in advance.
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