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Hi folks,

Sorry about this, as I'm sure it has been covered!! But I have been reading some conflicting information so I said Ill ask!

I have a 2004 318ci e46 which is experiencing some of the signs associated with vanos seal failure

No acceleration at low revs (<2000 rpm)
Poor fuel economy

I have read a lot of the information specific to the 6 cylinder e46 engines but havent heard much about the 4 cylinder engine in my car (probably as this seems to be a predominantly US based forum??). It has a single vanos and I see beisan systems sell single vanos kits but from what I can see they are for the 6 cylinder engine.

Do these symptoms sound like vanos seal problems? Is the 4 cylinder engine as susceptible to seal failure as the 6-cyl? If not vanos then what!!

Any help appreciated!!
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