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Here's something that may help someone.
I have a 2003 325i. It is 6 months old and yesterday that car would NOT
start. The battery was dead as a door nail. The day before the car ran and started just fine and the next morning, nothing.

I jump started it and headed straight to BMW. Prior to this I had the yellow "battery" light come on about 6-7 times within a 4 week period. That light indicates a charging problem, which may indicate that the battery is weak.
I had not had a chance to take it in to have it looked at and so I paid by having a brand new BMW that wouldn't start.

The tech fixed the problem with a software update which is a patch for the dash panel controls, mainly the HVAC controls. It seems what can happen, and did on mine, is that if you select a certain order or number of controls on the dash, that action can trigger a solenoid (headlight I think) which doesn't then shut off once the car is shut off. Therefore, the battery is drained overnight and you have a dead battery. The software upgrade was a
"service pack" and I think it is a TSB. So, if you have seen your battery light come on and then off, have it checked and make sure you have the newest software update. You don't want to be stranded with a dead car.

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