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I'm trying to make my purchase go right the first time, so i'm in need of some advice...

for all the m3 owners out there, i'm about to get a new m3 and was wondering if you got options for your car that you wished later on you didnt get it? or something you wish you had gotten?

-I'm planning on getting black leather interior. from personal experience, would you recomend aluminum or carbon fiber interior for the sporty look?

-Should i get the nav system? or just get an aftermarket system comes with a display? is it possible to have nav system and space for aftermarket head unit ?

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I order my M3 back in December. It should be here by February if not by the end of this month.

2004 Model
While it would be really cool to have "newer" car and get the new LED tail lights, I personally cannot stand to be without a car much longer. I have no car since Nov 27. :( I'm really beginning to miss my 328.

Stock Navigation

I chose to get this because nothing looks as clean and fluid with the center console in your car. Okay maybe there's some custom installs that are really slick and loook OEM, but they cost $$$. They also take time to fabricate which mean you and your car will be parted for a little while. When I had and will have a car, I drive it everyday. It's a really big inconvenience to have to ask for rides and stuff.

I totally certain that an aftermarket head deck can work with the stock nav. It's just might be alot of work, and like i said before, you maybe without your car for a quite a while if you try to be like Marco Polo and try to pioneer something new in field of car audio.

Options I got
The options I ordered were Nav, Bi-Xenons, standard 6 speed, alpine white on black interior.

I know alot of ppl get premium package. In fact I had it on my 328, but I decided to not get it this time on the M. I never used my power seats or sunroof in my last car. So it was a complete waste.
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