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I hope i´m posting in the corect section.

(FYI, I have limited experience with engine mechanics).

I recently bought a BMW 318 -03 with the N42 engine that seemed to be in good condition with only 13800km (22000 miles) on the clock. Engine running fine on idle and no powerloss on acceleration as far as I can tell.
A friend of mine had a fault code reader and just to check everything we connected it to the car and we recieved an error code saying: Camshaft Position Sensor Bank B Circuit Range/Performance.

After som reading on the web i realised this can be everything from a small issue with the sensor/cable to a major issue with the camchain.

So to check what was giving me the fault code i first tried swapping the 2 sensors from the intake to the exhaust side (and deleting the code), this produced the same issue on the exhaust side, meaning that the sensor is in working condition. When I was swapping the sensors I also checked the wiring with a multimeter, getting the same results on both contacts for the different sensors. This lead me to believe that as I had feared the camchain might have jumped a tooth.

So next I removed the valvecover to see if i could see if the chain had jumped or if the guiderails were damaged, after a visual inspection I could see nothing wrong and the markings from the installation of the chain and the "gears" were at the same place as it had at the installation. There was also small marks made on the camshaft that also indicated that they had not moved since the installation of the chain.

I was now very flusterd as I could not see anything wrong, but glad that the chain (as far I can tell) had not jumped and the guiderails seemed to be in good condition aswell.
So after putting everything back, I changed the oil, filter and also put in a new tensioner just to be on the safe side. This did not help me with the error code though.

A couple of days later I got hold of a live data reader that could read the values coming from the engine when running, this to my suprice told me that the signal from the exhaust sensor was "stuck" at the same value even when revving the engine. So once again I changed places on the two sensors but recieved the same problem.

I started to look at a picture I took when I had the valvecover off, and saw that something seemed a bit off, the timing wheels did not seem to be in the correct position. Here is the picture I took and a picture from a Heinz manual showing what I mean.

As far as I can tell, the sensor wheels are not in the correct place, (not in correct orientation to eachother)? Could this missalignment be off so much that the computer ignores the value sent by the sensor on the exhaust side?
If not, what can be the issue? Cables? If so, is there some way to measure the cables all the way to the computer?

Grateful for any suggestions!

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