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For Sale: 2003 BMW M3​

After many years of ownership, I'm deciding to list my 2003 BMW M3. The car has been very well cared for over during my time of owning it, but due to life/commute changes, it's time to put it for sale.

The car is currently located in Sonoma County and has been a Bay-Area car its entire life. All of the major E46 M3 issues taken care of, and then some... No weird noises, no weird smells, no stories.

The Basics
Year: 2003
Model: M3
Mileage: 207,xxx
Title: Clean
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Exterior Color: Carbon Black
Interior Color: Black
VANOS: Full Beisan Kit Installed
Rod Bearings: Replaced with WPC Coated Units
Subframe: Reinforced with Turner Motorsport Kit (No Cracks)


SuperSprint Race Exhaust
SuperSprint Resonated Section II
Euro Headers
Euro Section I

Ohlins R&T Coilovers
Turner Motorsport Rear Control Arms
Turner Motorsport Subframe Reinforcement
Dinan Monoball RTABs
Dinan Front Strut Brace
AKG Poly Subframe Bushings
Rouge Engineering Rear Shock Mounts

18x9.5 ET35 Apex ARC-8 (Square)
Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 265/35/18 (Square)

Turner Motorsport Under-drive Pulley Kit
Turner Motorsport/Fluidyne Radiator
Dinan Big Bore Throttle Bodies
BMW short-shift Kit
Clutch Delay Valve Delete
UUC "Big Boy" Clutch-stop
BMW Group-N Engine Mounts
Full Beisan VANOS Kit Installed
Beisan Chain Guide
Upgraded VANOS Oil-line
Updated Cam-bolts
CPV O-Ring Replaced w/ Upgraded Version

Euro Center Console
Euro Side Mirror Glass
Euro Roller Cover
OEM Silver Corner Bulbs
3M White Aluminum Vinyl (Trim)
OEM First Aid Kit/Cubby
CSL/Mini Battery
Painted Reflectors
BMW Alcantara Shift Boot
Alcantara E-brake Boot
M Floor Mats
All Weather Floor Mats (Both Included with Sale)
BMW Auxiliary Input Kit (3.5mm Jack)
15% Rear Ceramic Tint
35% Front Ceramic Tint

Shift Lights Enabled
Speed Limiter Removed
Warmup Lights set to CSL Temperatures
Light Control Module Upgrade to 4.5 Software
Tripple Blink Enabled
Euro Hazards Enabled
Xenon/Halogen High-beams Enabled
Fogs on with High-beams Enabled

Notable Maintenance:
Airbag Recall Performed (Both Sides)
Cooling System Overhauled at 145k
Suspension Overhauled at 170k
Clutch/Flywheel/CSB/Guibo Replaced at 152k
Starter/Alternator Replaced at 160k
StopTech Stainless Brake Lines and fresh ATE Type 200 Fluid 203k
All Engine Oil/Coolant Leaks Addressed at 205k
Oil and Filter Replaced every 7,500 Service Miles

Last Service:
11/16/19 - Changed Oil, Filter, and Engine Air Filter

If you have any questions about the car please don't hesitate to ask.

Price: $16,500​


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Ugh, same here. I don't get this forum. I had to re-register today. Maybe I have to wait some sort of time period. Does't even show a pm was sent.

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